Monday, January 24, 2011

Just passed the Alfresco accreditation

Back in 2009, I was in Milan designing the future Alfresco accreditation tests. Those tests will be offered to anyone, starting from summer 2011.

Because my company Aegif is an Alfresco partner, we have just been subjected to the test! Some of the questions have been written by me (what? unfair?), but all-in-all it was a bit more difficult than I expected. There are 137 questions (some multiple choice, some multiple response) to answer in 60 minutes. Some questions are very specific (which file does what) and some more general (which feature is not available).

Now I can add "Alfresco Recognized Developer" to my titles ;-)
More importantly, my company becomes an "Alfresco Recognized Partner".

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  1. I am flattered, an excerpt of this blog post was used by Alfresco on this page:

    It is the paragraph in the middle that they felt necessary to put in underline + blue font + bold (!)