Friday, February 24, 2012

Aegif releases Alfresco checkin/checkout plugin, open source

From an intranet office user's point of view, documents stored in Alfresco usually appear as a shared drive. The user opens its files manager, and can see for instance a "W:" shared drive below their "C:" drive. Employees on a business trip or working from home can achieve the same result by clicking a link to Alfresco's WebDAV interface, which also works in the file explorer.

Alfresco provides a convenient way to checkin/checkout documents, you just drop a file on "CheckInOut" to start modifying it, or push your modifications to the repository.

Problem: It only works on Windows.
That's why I started a project to have the same level of user-friendliness on Mac and Linux.

I finished implementing the Linux one, here is a short video showing it in action:

Aegif released this plugin as Open Source.

It runs on Gnome Nautilus, the default file browser in RedHat, Ubuntu, and most other Linux distributions. Internally, it uses the CMIS protocol to check out documents.

The source code is available so don't hesitate to modify it.
Also, we must find a way to write a plugin for MacOsX's Finder, but its close source nature is making it less straightforward. Any idea/contribution is welcome!
Nicolas Raoul

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Alfresco: Fix the "Enter at least 1 character(s) to search" ...

Alfresco Share is a great ECM web application, but there is one detail that annoys all users, and here is how to fix it.

The problem: when clicking "Search" in a user/group selection dialog (for instance when creating a workflow), the following message appears: "Enter at least 1 character(s) to search". Which means that if you don't remember the name of the group, you have to try all letters: a,b,c,... hoping to find it. This is an incredible waste of time, and impossible to do in Japanese.

A trick is to enter an asterisk * (or "name:*" in some cases), but it does not work on all dialogs, and it is not user-friendly.
So here is how to fix the problem, and make all results appear when you click "Search":
  1. Stop Alfresco
  2. Open file tomcat/shared/classes/alfresco/web-extension/share-config-custom.xml
  3. At the end of this file, just before "</alfresco-config>", add this XML.
  4. Start Alfresco again.
And now the problem should be fixed!
Same message in other languages: Saisir au moins 1 caractère(s), 1文字以上入力してください, Geben Sie mindestens 1 Buchstaben ein, Immettere almeno 1 caratteri, Introduzca al menos 1 caracter(es).
Credits: Mike H.
Nicolas Raoul