Saturday, October 24, 2009

Drupal 7 semantic by default, when will Alfresco follow?

My university friend Stéphane Corlosquet has spent the last few months adding a very exciting feature to Drupal for its imminent next release: Drupal 7 will expose your website's structural information as RDFa, by default!

This has huge implications. Drupal being one of the most popular CMS, it handles a significant proportion of the Web's information. So Drupal 7 will effectively make the Semantic Web much bigger. Furthermore, a website's manager will now be able to define the website's ontology based on existing ontologies, which means each Drupal website will now be both a consumer as well as a producer of semantic information.

For website owners, an immediate result is that their website will be better understood by Google. But the Semantic Web is much more than an SEO trick. It is a way to make information more useful, more exact, and to make it understandable by computers.

So how long before Alfresco follows? The open-source Enterprise Content Management System should make sure the content it manages is understandable by both humans and machines. A company's way to structure information should not be kept in the Data Dictionary, it should be exposed as RDF Schema. The metadata, including aspects, should be accessible via RDF in addition to the usual REST/Java/JavaScript/JCR/CMIS APIs.


  1. Hey there Nicolas!
    I still don't which android phone to buy. Do you recommend any? I wanted one with a keyboard. Btw, does Anki work in those (with keyboards)? I read somewhere that Anki works better in HTC Hero, Magic and Tatoo, and got afraid of byuing another android phone, other than those.

    If I don't buy one with a keyboard, than I might go for HTC Hero/Magic/Tatoo, still don't know, between these 3.

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  2. Hi Carolina!

    Ankidroid is supposed to work on all Android models. I have never heard of any complaint about a particular maker or model. Ankidroid 0.3 was released yesterday and it is as fast as 0.2, but 0.4 will feature Anki-like SRS, which will require more processing power. I am using the development version of 0.4, and for this version the HTC Magic clearly shows its limits. So you might want to get a recent model, which will presumably be faster. The Motorola Droid seems to be the best phone right now, but I have no idea about its price, might be expensive.


  3. Hey there again! Look, if I buy HTC Magic (the cheapest one) and use few applications, including Anki will it still be limited? All the other Androids are too expensive. Will you always be updating AnkiDroid or will it have an hiatus on its development after reaching perfection?

    Is the battery life of Magic any good?

    Thanks! I can only spend 300€ in a smartphone, because I think that giving 500€ is a theft. In one year or so Android phones will be much better and probably cheaper, when that time arrives I'll buy a real good one for a good price, hopefully.