Thursday, September 10, 2009

Released AnkiDroid 0.2

I just released AnkiDroid 0.2 !
You can install it on your Android phone using the Google Market. AnkiDroid is a memorization software with already 900 registered users. Of course, it is open source.
Many new features for this version 0.2:
- Basic spaced repetition.
- Preferences dialog to enable various things.
- Sample deck.
- Starts much faster.


  1. Awesssssssome! I still don't have my android phone but damn we're almost in christmas! Can't wait!!!

    Can I put my anki decks (in my computer) in the phone?

    Oh my train trips will be much better.

  2. Olá Carolina,

    Sure, you can put your anki decks on your phone, actually you have to, in order to use Ankidroid.

    What model are you planning to get?

    Ankidroid 0.3 should be released in a week or so :-)